Your hands are stopping a PR!

Do you ever consider the importance your hands play in regards to performance? Are you wiggling your fingers around mid squat? When pressing (bench press or should press) do you have a firm grip on the bar? These are all crucial items to consider the next time you lift.

Incorrect hand grip.

Squeezing your hands tight creates a beautiful chain reaction when lifting. The tight grip engages your forearms; then your biceps and triceps come into play, then your upper body tenses up, and the flow continues through your back, hips, obliques and all the way down your legs.

It is not uncommon for someone to address their hands and then improve a lift immediately. The domino effect your grip has is incredible.

Correct hand grip.

Let’s sum this up.

Squeezing the bar improves tension.
Tension improves stability.
Stability improves positioning.
Positioning is POWER!

Tight grip. Tight lift.

Coach David

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