Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Week 2/4

The 2017 CrossFit Open Starts in 8 days!  Register with the CrossFit Defined team HERE! 

“Whole 30” Nutritional Workshop Registration: This Saturday, February 18th @ CFD Lincoln Square from 12:30p – 2:00p

“Manage Your Macros” Nutritional Workshop Registration: This Sunday, February 19th @ CFD Lakeview from 12:00p – 1:30p

“Mobility @ Lincoln Square” with Coach Cara, 6-6:30pm. Focus: SHOULDERS, ELBOWS & WRISTS- Free yourself of all those tweaks, pains and flareups in your lower limbs. If you are lacking range of motion you have to compensate in other areas. Come in and learn an effective mobility strategy to better your overall power.

Free “Intro to CrossFit” Class for anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, support someone new! This Saturday, February 18th. 11am-Noon. Classes offered at both gyms. Register HERE.

Next available Onramps: Contact Coach, to schedule your intro sessions and hold your spot in our next beginner’s program!
Lakeview: Starting Thursday, March 2nd
Lincoln Square: Starting Monday, March 6th

E.O.M.O.T.M. X 9 Rounds (18 minutes)
Odd minutes: Sumo Deadlift with pace, heavy 3
-Add 10-20lbs from last week’s heavy set
-Pace: 1 second up, 1 second at top, 3 seconds down, touch and go!
Even minutes: Seated Tall Box jumps X 3
-Building in height each round

15 minute Amrap
25 X Wallballs 20/14lbs
20 X Single Arm Snatch 55/35lbs
15 X Toes to Bar

Bonus: “The Grind”, (to be completed after class)

Gymnastics Conditioning
5 X Rope Climbs
Rest 2:00
4 X Rope Climbs
Rest 1:30
3 X Rope Climbs
Rest 1:00
2 X Rope Climbs
Rest :30
1 X Rope Climb
-Option to sub rope climbs with strict pullups or strict ring rows x 3.  5 rope climbs = 15 strict pullups
-Rest as needed after each set!

**Recover from WOD fully before starting. For all post class bonus work, make sure to give class priority on space and equipment as well as check in with the coach on duty before starting!**

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Some Hollow body and Superman position drills at CFD Lakeview