Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Specialty Classes Today 

“Life Lifting” @ Lincoln Square with Coach David, 8-9pm. All members welcome, no experience needed.

“Mobility” @ Lakeview with Coach Cara, 6-6:30pm. Focusing on Runner’s Mobility with an emphasis on healing knee pain and recovering the IT Band.  Free your legs for more power and recover smarter from high rep endurance cycles.

Announcements & Upcoming Events

Thankslifting In-House Powerlifting Meet – Saturday, November 18th @ CFD Lakeview – come support all your teammates this Saturday from 10a – 2p during the In-House Powerlifting meet. The mimosa tent will be fully stocked, the Ipsento Coffee Cart will be loaded up with caffeine and KettleBell Kitchen will be keeping everyone’s belly full. Event details here.

Free “Intro to CrossFit” Class for anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, support someone new! Sunday, Dec. 3rd from 11am-Noon. Classes offered at both gyms (Lakeview & Lincoln Square). Register here.

Next available Onramps: Contact Coach Cara@crossfitdefined.com, to schedule your sweat free intro session and hold your spot in our next Fundamentals Program! (limited space available in both)

Lakeview: Starting Tuesday, 12/5, last onramp of the year.
Lincoln Square: Starting Monday, 12/4, last onramp of the year.

Week 4/4 on this current cycle. Next week is the start of our 2-week testing phase.  Training cycle details, click here.


Front Squat: Find heavy 3 with pace
-Pace: 3 seconds down, 1 second in bottom, explode up, 1 second at top
-Building in weight to heavy 3 for the day
-Take 8-10 sets over 16 minutes
-Compare heavy set to last 3 weeks on this cycle!

For time: (7 minute cap)
21 X Bar over burpees
21 X Power Cleans
21 X Bar over burpees

*Barbell RX: 135/95lbs,  Weight should not exceed 50% of C&J 1rm.
-Barbell weight should feel light and you should be able to string together at least 5 reps at a time!

Partner Russian Twists with medball
5 Rounds: 30 on/ 30 off

Bonus: “The Grind”, (to be completed after class)

Run, Row or Bike Conditioning:
7 Rounds:
40 seconds ON/ 80 seconds OFF

*Repeat from Week 2 on this cycle.

**Recover from WOD fully before starting. For all post class bonus work, make sure to give class priority on space and equipment!**

photo by: Hannah Spinelli