Monday, February 13th, 2017

Week 2/4

The 2017 CrossFit Open Starts in 10 days!  Register with the CrossFit Defined team HERE! 

Free “Intro to CrossFit” Class for anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, support someone new! Saturday, February 18th. 11am-Noon. Classes offered at both gyms. Register HERE.

Olympic Weight Lifting Technique Class @ Lincoln Square 6-7pm with Coach Noal. All levels welcome; a beginner friendly class! Warm yourself up and be ready to go!

Next available Onramps: Contact Coach, to schedule your intro sessions and hold your spot in our next beginner’s program!
Lakeview: Starting Thursday, March 2nd
Lincoln Square: Starting Monday, March 6th

Whole30 Nutrition Workshop – Saturday, February 18th @ CFD Lincoln Square from 12:30p – 2:00p

Manage Your Macros Nutrition Workshop – Sunday, February 19th @ CFD Lakeview from 12:00p – 1:30p

Back Squat
-Take 8 minutes, building to working weight @ 65%+ of 1rm
-Add 5-10lbs from last week’s working weight
-Maintain the same amount of reps for each working set from week 1!

3 Working Sets:
Back Squat @ 65%+ X 6-10 reps
Kipping Handstand Pushups X sub max set
(Aim for 1/2 the number of reps of a max effort unbroken set)
Single Arm Bent Over Row X 6-10 reps each side (AHAP)
Rest as needed after each set

8 Minute Amrap
Ascending Ladder: 3,3,6,6,9,9,etc…
Power Clean and Jerk
-using no more than 50% of 1rm
-Competition RX: 135/95lbs
Bar over Burpees

Bonus: “The Grind”, (to be completed after class)

3 Rounds:not for time;
Banded Face Pulls X 20
Bent Over Plate Raise: Y,T,W X 10 each
rest as needed after each set

**Recover from WOD fully before starting. For all post class bonus work, make sure to give class priority on space and equipment as well as check in with the coach on duty before starting!**

Another great packed OLY class at CFD!

Another great packed OLY class at CFD!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Deload/Transition Week. Next cycle starts on Monday, 10/17.

3rd Annual In House Olympic Lifting Competition: For all levels. For CFD members only!  Saturday, Dec. 3rd. @ CFD LS. Registration is now open! 

6th Annual CFD Halloween Party: Save the date! Saturday, October 29th! Rocks Bar on Lincoln, 9-Midnight. Drink package, food and DJ. Costumes highly encouraged!  Invite coming soon!

Lincoln Square: “Life Lifting” with Coach David and Drew, 8-9pm. All members welcome, no experience needed.

Lakeview: “Mobility” with Coach Alex, 6-6:30pm.  Focus: Fix your posture to increase your gains! Achieve better mobility in your Thoracic Spine and upper back! If you sit more than 1 hour a day this class if for you! Limited T-Spine mobility is a byproduct of our desk chair culture. Come do something about it!

Free “Intro to CrossFit Class” For anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, support someone new! Saturday October 29th, 11-Noon. Choose a location and register!  Lakeview Signup Lincoln Square Signup

Next Onramp Dates: Contact Coach, to hold your spot in our next beginner session!
Lakeview: Starting Tuesday, October 11th – Sold out! Next onramp with open availability, November 6th.
Lincoln Square: Starting Wednesday, October 12th, late registration available until Saturday  Oct. 15th.

G.P.P.: 3 rounds; not for time
Single Leg RDL with BB X 10 each leg
(focus on square hips with neutral back)
Hollow body Hold X 1 minute
(scale to sets of smaller timed increments to accumulate 1 minute)
Pistols X 10 each side
(Scale to single leg squats off plyo box)

Athlete’s Choice: Back Squat or Overhead Squat
-Find heavy single with a 10 second static hold in bottom
-Take 12 minutes

Performance/Competition: Athlete’s Choice!
For time:
Russian KB Swings 70/55lbs X 100 reps
Run X 1 Mile (row 2000/1500 meters)
*16 minute Cap

LS athlete POP reppin' CFD at the Grand Canyon. #Hoozah!

LS athlete POP reppin’ CFD at the Grand Canyon. #Hoozah!

Friday, September 16th, 2016

A great short read from   5 Reasons why so many entrepreneurs do CrossFit

Week 1/4: New cycle, new focus!

Free “Intro to CrossFit Class” For anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, support someone new! Saturday September 24th, 11-Noon. Choose a location and register!  Lakeview Signup Lincoln Square Signup

Next Onramp Dates: Contact Coach, to hold your spot in our next beginner session!
Lakeview: This Thursday, September 15th
Lincoln Square: This Saturday, September 17th

G.P.P.: 3 rounds, not for time
Single Leg RDL with single kb/db X 10 each side
(move slow, stay balanced for all reps)
Hanging L Hold X max or Flexed Arm Hang X max
(accumulate at least 30 seconds, option to partition into smaller sets)
Handstand Walk X max distance or Wall Handstand kickups X 10 with holds

3 Rounds: 1 minute ON/ 30 seconds OFF
Pushups or Dips
Walking Lunge with double KB/DB
(Hold weight in farmer’s carry position or  front rack)
Row for calories

Rest 5 minutes

4 Rounds: For time; (12 minute cap)
Toes to Bar  X 10
(Scale to hang tucks)
Pushpress X 10 reps 95/65lbs (CFD masters 40+ 75/55lbs)
Backsquat X 20 reps


Coach Cara and Sarah at Lincoln Square. Dancers who Squat Or Squatters who Dance? #TheSELDOMS

Coach Cara and Sarah at Lincoln Square. Dancers who Squat Or Squatters who Dance? #TheSELDOMS


Monday, August 1st, 2016 Testing week 2/2!

Testing week: 2/2. Next cycle starts on August 8th.

**Seems like perfect timing with our 2nd testing phase of the year immediately following the ultimate test of fitness; The 2016 CrossFit Games!  Power and Olympic Lifts, bodyweight challenges, Hero and Girl WODS, to just name a few.  Use these next 2 weeks to either establish new numbers or check in with your last testing week results from April 2016. Each strength test or workout will be a great way to check in with your current conditioning  and strength!  Recording your numbers for these next 2 weeks is extremely valuable for being accountable to your training and making sure you are growing and progressing as an athlete at Crossfit Defined. Additionally, our next cycle will be based off many numbers established in these coming week!***

Lincoln Square: Olympic Lifting Class, 6-7pm with Coach Noal. All levels welcome, even if you just graduated onramp!  Warm yourself up and be ready to go!

Next Onramp Dates: Contact Coach, to hold your spot in our next beginner session!
Lakeview: Thursday, August 25th
Lincoln Square: Monday, August 1st

Tuesday Preview: Shoulder Press + PushPress 1rm test!
Wednesday Preview: Deadlift 1rm test + Hero WOD “DT”

Back Squat: 1RM Test!
-Take 20 minutes, building to a heavy 1 for the day.
-Suggested Rep scheme: 5-5-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1
-Beginners: Anyone new to the program or have mobility limitations that does not allow you to get below parallel comfortably, build to a heavy 3.
Optional sub station: Tall Box Jumps X 5
(every 5 seconds X 5 reps jump to something that is under your max height box jump)

For time: “Helen”
3 Rounds
Run 400 meters (Row 500 Meters)
American KB Swings 55/35lbs X 21
Pullups X 12
*12 minute cap
*Compare scores to last time on 8.4.15



LV OG “Jon L. training for the CF Games 2017! #Masters


Monday, June 13th, 2016

Week 4/4

First Beach WOD of the Summer: Tentative date: Saturday, June 18th, weather permitting!

6th Annual “Murph Event”: Saturday, July 16th. Save the date! This annual Hero WOD/CFD BBQ Potluck will be held at the New CFD Lakeview location at 3834 N. Broadway!

Competitors  Class: Starts July 1oth, Sundays 8-9am at CFD Lakeview.  More details to come!

Back Squat:
-Take 10 minutes
-Build to 75%+ of 1rm
-This is your final and heaviest week on this progression!
**The goal is to add 10-20lbs to your 75% every week.

3 Working Sets:
Back Squat @ 75%+ X 5 reps

*Perform after each set:

Performance: 1 Minute of Max Strict Pullups with pace: 1 second at top, 3 second negative
(Jump or pull to get chin above bar, reset as needed)
Rest 1 minute after each set
Scale to: Ring rows with pace
Competition: 1 Minute of Max Bar Muscle Ups
(Perform in clusters of 2,3 or 5 reps,reset as needed)
Rest 1 minute after each set
Scale to: Strict Pullups with pace

1 Drop Set
Back Squat @ 50% of 1rm X 1 unbroken max set X 1 minute
*Drop set terminates at either the 1 minute mark or when you have to take more than 1 breath at the top of a rep!

**Record scores to compare to week 1 on this progression!

For time: 3 rounds;
Row X 250 meters
Perf: Shoulder to overhead X 25 115/75lbs (CFD Master’s 40+: 75/55lbs)
Comp: Handstand Pushups X 20
Rest 1 minute
(12 minute cap)


The ladies that competed at the Sayre Park Weightlifting Comp!  Strong looking crew!

The ladies that competed at the Sayre Park Weightlifting Comp! Strong looking crew!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 First week of the CrossFit Open. Week 1/5!

“Bring a Friend Day” - Saturday, February 27th (Lakeview at 11a & Lincoln Square @ 10a).  Be a role model and help someone out.

“CFD Gives Back” Fundraiser  for Urban Initiative  Save the date, April 9th!

Lincoln Square: “Mobility” with Coach Cara, 6-7pm. Fix your overhead position. If you are working on overhead pressing, jerks, or OHS you need flexibility of the thoracic spine and shoulders. Attempting these lifts without full range of movement can lead to shoulder pain.
​Learn ​exercises to help you increase range of motion in your spine and shoulders.

“Recovery Yoga” with Coach Rachel: Lincoln Square, 10-11am this Sunday! Great class to do after “Def Con” or before the CrossFit Open Training from 11-1pm!

Stretch of the week:  Improve your overhead position with this stretch. Consistency is key to PR your next press or OHS. If you can stack your spine up correctly, your barbell will start to float up with ease and limit shoulder pain. 3-5 mins per day for every day you sit in a chair.

The CrossFit Open Registration closes this Sunday, 28th!

The CrossFit Open starts this week!  The open is a 5 week long competition with 1 workout being released each week. Every Thursday at 5pm PT a workout will be announced. Each time a workout is released, athletes will be given two versions: Rx’d and Scaled. With reduced loading or less challenging movements, the Scaled option will be designed to be accessible to the vast majority of athletes who train in CrossFit affiliates. Rx’d will challenge the world’s elite.

Scores must be submitted online by the following Monday at 5 p.m. PT. Late submissions will not be accepted.

There are many ways to excel in the Open. The Open will determine the fittest man and woman in each U.S. state, Canadian province, Australian territory and country worldwide. CrossFit will also use the Open to find the fittest in the military, emergency medical services, firefighting and law enforcement.

The Open is also the first stage of a three-stage season that culminates in the CrossFit Games. The world’s fittest men, women, teams, teenagers (14-17) and masters (40+) will compete for the chance to advance in the season, with the ultimate goal of making it on the world stage at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, this July.

However, for most people the Open is not about trying to earn a title or qualify for the next stage of the CrossFit Games season. It’s about joining the global CrossFit community in a celebration of fitness for a few weeks each year. To connect to others in your box as well as those a world apart through the experience of suffering through the same workout at the same time. It lets you revel at the strength and skills you’ve developed over the past year, and learn what you need to improve. Use the CF Open as a annual measure of your performance and how you stack worldwide. Represent CrossFit Defined with pride!

All members are encouraged to register. Ask a coach for advice if your unsure if it’s a good fit for you.  We will be doing the Open workouts as the w.o.d. in the gym on Fridays and doing our Open Workout Group Training on Sundays at Lincoln Square from 11-1pm.  Everyone is welcome to join; spectators are welcome to come cheer on the team!

Games Open 2016

BackSquat: Heavy Double
-10 Sets X 90 seconds
-Building in weight to a heavy 2 for the day!

2 Drop Sets:
BackSquat X 5 reps
(Drop sets are 40-55lbs less then heavy double from part A)
Performance: DB/KB Side Bends X 12 reps each side (ahap)
Competition: Ab Wheel Rollouts X 15 reps (pause in extension)

8 Rounds: Teams of 2
Row for Cal: 1 minute
Burpees: 1 minute

WOD Explained: The goal for each round is to always match your calorie reps on the rower to your burpee reps on the floor. For example, if you row 10 calories in the first round you need to hit 10 burpees in the first round. Once you have established a pace you think you can maintain, you can start increasing your reps. It is also your responsibility to build in your rest to each round based on how much work you are capable of. Always match your numbers. At the end of the 8 – 2 minutes rounds, add up your scores, 2 numbers, total calories and total burpees.

**This WOD is an amazing test of Cardio Endurance. Keep breathing and keep moving! Compare to last attempt on 12.1.15!