Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Next On-Ramp Classes for 2017: Contact Coach Cara at, to schedule your intro sessions and hold your spot in our next beginner’s program!

Lakeview: Starting Thursday, March 2nd
Lincoln Square: Starting Monday, March 6th

Lakeview Training:
9a – Simulated Long Run
10a – KB WOD
9a to 11a – Open Gym

Lincoln Square Training:
9a to 11a – Open Gym
9:30a – Hero WOD

SLR Programming:  Today will not be a technical day but it will make you work. More details when you show up.

KB Programming: 

A) Skill Strength – Turkish Get Up x1 (each side)
** Spend 10 Min working on your TGU.
** Work 1 rep on each side going back and forth. Rest as needed.

B) For time:
4 Rounds:
30 Double Unders (60 singles)
25 KB Swings
20 Mountain Climbers (L + R = 1)
15 Pull Ups
** Rest 60 seconds at the end of each round.

B) Finishing Move – 3 Rounds – Ab Wheels x10 + Hollow Body Rock Hold x20s