Nutrition Workshops this weekend.

Abs are built in the kitchen- It’s true! All the hard work and sweat in the gym will make you strong, but to take your fitness to the next level you must tackle your NUTRITION! Now’s the time.

Join us this weekend to take the leap!  You have two options.

Option #1 – WHOLE 30:  Saturday 12:30-2pm at Lincoln Square
• Change your relationship with food forever
• Learn what it really means to eat clean
• Kick bad habits and addictions
• Eliminate excess fat and inflammation
• Learn meal prep and planning
• Push the “reset” button on your health
DO IT.  Sign up HERE!

More Abs

Option #2 – MACRO Challenge:  Sunday 12:00-1:30pm at Lakeview
For any athlete that is looking to take their nutrition to the next level.
• Learn that food is fuel and changes athletic performance
• Determine Protein, Carbs and Fats that YOUR body needs
• Understand volume for optimum body composition, fat to muscle.
• Recover smarter
• Tackle meal prep and planning
DO IT.  Sign up HERE.

AbsPC. working against gravity

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