Meat Share – Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Meat Share Order Link (meat share pre-sale ends Wednesday, October 11th @ 12p)

We are having another meat share with drop-offs at Lakeview and Lincoln Square on Saturday, October 14th.  Please read everything below. Once you place your order you DO NOT need to make payment on it via ZenPlanner.  We will take care of that for you because everything is priced per pound which will adjust billing a little.  For example, if you order steaks they are priced per lb.  They are all sized slightly different, just like they are at the butcher market.

Delivery will be on Saturday, October 14th at each gym. Pick up times and details below.  

 Step 1 – Place your order.  Visit the link, order a bunch of meat (go for the bacon, steaks & chicken) and then go home and clean up your grill. The deadline to order your meat is Wednesday, Oct. 11th at 12p.

Step 2 – Choose a shipping location.  We have athletes from CFD LS, CFD LV and from other areas in Chicago picking up meat. Please let us know where to drop your meat off.  Don’t forget to do this.

Step 3 – Prepare. Clean off your grill, ready the crock-pot and warm up the Sous-Vide

Step 4 – Pick up times.

  • Lakeview meat pick-up is at 3834 N. Broadway Ave. on Saturday, Oct. 14th from 11:30a to 12:15p.
  • Lincoln Square meat pick-up is at 2750 W. Lawrence Ave. on Saturday, Oct. 14th from 10:45a to 11:15a.
  • Please note: If you can not pick up your meat during that time please contact Coach David ( to make meat arrangements.  We can hold your meat.  If you do not make prior arrangements for meat storage and you forget to pick up your meat there will be a “$20 Meat Holding Fee”.  Yes, I know that last sentence is pretty awesome.

Step 5 – Billing.  Your meat share will be charged to your account 2 – 3 days after the meat share drop off.  We can not bill it ahead of time because most of the meat is priced per pound and some products will vary in weight. Once we get the final order from “Steve The Meat Man” we can process the order and complete the billing process. 

The product:  grass-fed, chemical-free, stress-free, free-roaming animals that are as healthy as they come. “Steve the Meat Man” who has been working with CFD for quite some time does not goof around when it comes to meat.  Pricing is better than what you would see at the grocery store and what you get is a million times better. I promise you will love everything you order.  Feeding cattle junk food turns them into junk food. Ruminant animals are meant to eat grass – not grains, stale bread, cereal, chicken feathers, or city garbage (I couldn’t make this up if I tried).  

2017 HOT PRODUCTS:  T-Bones (Hot Item), T-BONE (Hot Item) & Bacon Grill Patties (2016 Product of the year).  

Meat Share Order Link

Team CFD

PS – order fast; the bacon, steak & chicken sell out every time.