Lakeview Schedule

1) Open House Intro Workout – Saturday, June 21st @ 11a. Lakeview will be hosting a Community Open House Workout once every 4 – 5 weeks. We use this day to showcase the facility, the talented coaching team and to expose new athletes to the some of the training methods we employ. Sign up here.

2) Our Next Defined Lakeview On-Ramp starts on Sunday, July 29th. Contact Coach, to hold your spot. You can also book an intro meeting to come in and talk to us about our program here.

3) “Reptember” AAPF Powerlifting Meet – Saturday, September 22nd. The only AAPF sanctioned meet in Chicago. Sign up and details here.

4) Conjugate Defined 103. Registration, dates, and times will all be announced soon for session #3.

“Class Descriptions”