New to CrossFit

New to CrossFit?

You’re one step closer to becoming the best version of YOU! Healthy, fit, strong and confident.  CrossFit creates an athlete in everybody and if you’re like us, you can’t wait to begin!

Your first step into this program is our fundamentals sessions called the On-Ramp.  On-Ramps begin monthly and our next sessions are as follows:

Lakeview: Starting March 11th.
Lincoln Square: Starting March 12th

*Private Onramps 1 on 1 with a Coach are always available if your schedule does not work for the group onramp option or you are just looking for more of a private and personal start to the program.

** We also have Free “Intro to CrossFit” classes for beginners with little to no experience. These classes are held every month at each location.  Click here for more info and/or to register your space! 


The On-Ramp builds a strong foundation to prepare you both mentally and physically for life-long health and fitness. In this three week, 8 sessions program you’ll learn the skills that make up the primary components of CrossFit and our training methodology. Body weight movements, weightlifting technique, strength training, endurance and gymnastics elements. The focus is on proper technique, form, and enjoyment. The coaches will gradually add intensity to each class to properly prepare you for the group classes/training.

Who is On-Ramp for?

On-Ramps are for everybody.  It does not matter what your current fitness level is or how long you may have spent in the gym before coming to us.  Whether you have years of strength and conditioning training or you are embarking on your first training experience,  the On-Ramp is modified and scaled for your level.

Show up ready to work hard and we’ll take care of the rest.

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CFD Coaches II-35

Coach Allyn teaching Rowing technique.