Adaptive Athletes

CrossFit Defined is developing an Adaptive Athlete Program; and the concept behind this initiative is simple: We want to increase accessibility to the health and fitness world through Strongman and CrossFit training. The flexibility in movement variation and scalability within these two sports make them a perfect fit for all athletes, regardless of current ability or fitness level. Most importantly, the learning curve for engagement is both fast and enjoyable.

Our program will be lead by Coach Ben Welter, a long time strength training devotee and current Masters degree student at Northwestern – Prosthetics & Orthotics. Co-Captain of the program will be David Sutor, Strength Coach, Strongman and Powerlifting competitor, and owner of CrossFit Defined. David has been in the health and fitness field for over twenty years and brings an endless level of creativity and enthusiasm to the floor.

Currently, our program is open every week; we have reserved floor time at CrossFit Defined Lakeview (3834 N. Broadway St. 60613) every Thursday evening, 3:30p to 7p for anyone who would like to train. If you’re interested in joining, please contact us at to reserve your spot. Additional inquiries can also be sent to the aforementioned address.

Movement Workshop – We will host a movement workshop on Saturday, January 6th from 12p – 2p, incorporating a variety of training styles to demonstrate the versatility of both Strongman and CrossFit methodologies.  Please email to reserve your spot.