Friday, April 20th, 2017 Last Day of our first testing cycle!


Recovery Yoga with Coach Rachel, This Sunday @ Lakeview from Noon-1pm.  All friends and family of members are welcome free of charge!

SATURDAY SCHEDULE CHANGES: Lakeview: 11am team wod cancelled for our Free “Intro to CF” Class. Noon OLY will be moved from 12:30-2pm.


Retail Pre-Order Sale: Order now through this Friday night!  CFD Shopping Mall here.

Spotlight Athletes: Sean & Chelsea. Read their story here! 

Free “Intro to CrossFit” Class for anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, support someone new! This Saturday, April 22nd from 11am-Noon. Classes offered at both gyms (Lakeview & Lincoln Square). Register here.

Next available Onramps: Contact Coach, to schedule your intro sessions and hold your spot in our next beginner’s program! (limited space available in both)

Lakeview: Starting Thursday, May 4th
Lincoln Square: Starting Monday, May 1st


“500”: for time: (40 minute Cap)
100 X Calorie Row
Rest 3 minutes
100 X Wallballs 20/14lbs
Rest 3 minutes
100 X Single Arm Snatch 55/35lbs
Rest 3 minutes
Double Unders

Bonus: “The Grind”, (to be completed after class)

Testing Week Note: The Grind work during testing week will focus on recovery and maintenance in order to preserve strength and endurance during class work! “The Grind” will pick back up at the start of our next cycle on 4/24!

Today’s Focus: Pec stretch and front shoulder. Those pushups from Cindy got you like whoa? Release your chest and front shoulder muscles to give more slack to your shoulder blades to help with a healthy overhead position.

Video Demo! 

**Recover from WOD fully before starting. For all post class bonus work, make sure to give class priority on space and equipment as well as check in with the coach on duty before starting!**