Urban Initiatives – April 9th Fundraiser

We will have a fundraiser recap along with publishing a ton of great photos in the coming days.  We are finalizing corporate matching funds now which might put us over $35,000 in donations to Jahn Elementary School and Urban Initiates.

Stay tuned for more!

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In CFD’s 5+ years we have donated over a $110,000. 100 mile bike rides, CrossFit throw downs, winter swimming in Lake MI, climbing stairs, rowing a marathon, running a marathon and countless other acts of kindness have all been a part of our culture to help those in need.

Each team member is responsible for donating a minimum of $40 but $60 or more in highly encouraged.  All you have to do is form a team of 6 and start collecting donations.  On April 9th everyone will meet at CFD Lincoln Square and compete in this never before seen challenge.  All of the CFD coaches will each form their own team as well.  For those looking for a team we will be helping along the way.

We are 3 weeks out from our CFD Gives Back charity and in the coming days you will see fundraiser shirts on sales (all proceeds going back to the charity), you will see raffle tickets on sale (60% of the sales to the charity, 40% back to a luck winner), you will see an NCAA March Madness Bracket on sale (60% of the sales to the charity, 40% back to a luck winner) and on April 9th we will cap off our efforts with a must do 6 Person Team Challenge that will physically and mentally push all of you.

We are raising money for Urban Initiatives & Jahn Elementary School. It feels good to know that the money you donate is going to impact our neighborhood. Urban Initiatives works directly with Jahn Elementary School and our fundraising efforts will impact a school that is in between both of our gyms.Budget cuts are going to crush their PE Program, eliminate organized recess and destroy after school youth & sport programs. On top of that, they will lose their beloved Coach Kevin Grey who is the captain of all three programs.Your fundraising efforts will go directly to Urban Initiatives who will then give it all to Jahn Elementary School to help save Coach Grey and everything he does.

How can you get involved?
Donate directly to our fundraiser.
Buy raffle tickets ($5 each).
Fill out an NCAA March Madness Bracket ($10 each).
Snag a sweet charity shirt (pick up in the gym).


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We have 3 donation goals that each have their own very specific results.  Help CrossFit Defined give back and help all of the kids at Urban Initiatives gain access to leadership and sports.

$7,000 provides 12 weeks of soccer games and practices for 30 children at an Urban Initiatives partner school this spring. That covers coaching, field space, healthy snacks, and busing to and from game days throughout the spring 2016 season.

$10,000 provides 12 weeks of soccer games and practices for 40 children on Urban Initiatives teams during the spring 2016 season.

$15,000 covers a full year of programming (24 weeks, 2 practices and 1 game day per week) for an Urban Initiatives partner school.