Endurance Running Workshop (Pose Method) – 4.8.17

Saturday, April 8th from 11-1:30 p.m. at CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square, Coach Mark & Coach Allyn will be hosting a two and a half-hour Running Technique and Training Seminar. If you’re interested in joining the Defined Endurance Programming to help get you ready for your summer or fall endurance event, we recommend you attend this introduction and refresher seminar!

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In previous years, Defined Endurance (also called CFE @ CFD) at CFD has helped many athletes capitalize on their new-found functional strength and mobility through running-specific technique and training. Athletes have trained with us and successfully completed a variety of endurance events: 5Ks, marathons and triathlons. We’ve also witnessed personal-best mile-runs and noticeably improved 5k and 8k run-times. This year, we’ll be back by the lake, eager to train hard once again. Here’s what to expect from the seminar:

Coach Mark & Coach Allyn will begin the session with an introduction to endurance-based training, along with a short presentation on how you can incorporate the Defined Endurance classes offered at CFD into your training plans.

We’ll bring you back to the basics and get you started with good running techniques and mechanics. During the session, we’ll cover drills, running strategy, and video tape each runner’s form for review and analysis.

We’ll end the session with an endurance-style training session to help you practice some of your new found skills! Sign Up Here. 

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