Defined Endurance


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2017 CFD weekly Endurance schedule:

Tuesdays – on your own training, this is a great time to use the Facebook group to grab a few friends to train with.

Thursdays – Every week from 7 to 8p starting April 20th, locations will rotate between Belmont Harbor Lakefront & Montrose Track.

Sundays – 9:00a Simulated Long Run on Sundays @ CFD Lakeview (3834 N. Broadway Ave. 60613).

** Class locations & weather updates will be made via Facebook & Instagram and our daily WOD post and through the Defined Endurance Facebook Group.

General programming:  Programming is focused towards preparing athletes for a long fall endurance event, such as the Chicago Marathon. Every training session will contain scaled options for athletes with goals other than the marathon. Generally speaking, the weekly WODs prescribe one short interval day, one long interval day and a long distance conditioning day. They are to be performed in conjunction with at least 3-5 Crossfit workouts per week.

Thursdays Details: These workouts will be led every week with Coach Allyn.  In June Coach Mikala will join the team and we will potentially add additional training times.  Our first four training sessions will be on April 20th from 7p to 8p at the Belmont Harbor Lakefront. Please make sure to remind your friends and teammates to make it out there so we can continue to build this program.

Sunday Simulated Long Run: Every Sunday at 9am at CFD LV. If you’re training for an obstacle style endurance event, such as an Urbanathlon or Tough Mudder, these workouts may be right up your alley. They are also great for anyone interested in further developing their general conditioning. The workouts incorporate running with bodyweight movements such as pushups, air squats, lunges, burpees. The WODs are longer than weekday WODs, but the atmosphere is always full of energy to keep you going.

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