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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


WHAT: All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements. These movements reflect elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, and endurance to increase overall fitness and athletic performance. Considering life’s core movements, CrossFit develops fitness, strength and skill through constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.
WHO: Must have CrossFit experience, barbell experience or have completed an On-Ramp.

WHAT: This class focuses on accountability and a fun, team-style workout. Body weight movements, barbells, kettlebells, sprints, bands, jumping, jump ropes, and rowing are combined in a high-intensity strength and conditioning workout. This class resembles our weekly programming methods in a team-oriented atmosphere.
WHO: Must have CrossFit experience, barbell experience or have completed an On-Ramp.

WHAT: Designed for athletes new to the CrossFIt and barbell experience, athletes learn all the foundational movements of CrossFit, its associated verbiage and movement patterns. On-Ramp builds a strong foundation to prepare you both mentally and physically for life-long health and fitness. In this three-week 8-session program, you’ll learn the skills that make up the primary components of CrossFit. While integrating body weight movements, weightlifting technique and gymnastics elements, we focus on proper technique, form and fun. The coaches will strategically add intensity to each class to prepare you for weekly CrossFit WODs.
WHO: No experience or pre-requisites necessary!


WHAT: The snatch and clean and jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to training and are indispensable to CrossFit programming and developing a well-rounded athlete. The focus is about perfecting technique and positioning and not necessarily about the weight of your lift.
Beginners will focus on proper positions before adding weight and speed. Intermediate to advanced lifters will focus on speed and refinement of technique, as well as muscle and C.N.S. conditioning. Come warmed up and ready to move.
WHO: Prior experience with a clean, jerk, and snatch required; no strength requirements necessary.

WHAT: This class can be used with CrossFit to help increase one’s overall strength and work capacity. Emphasis is on the three major lifts: back squat, deadlift and press (bench and shoulder) to develop strength. Developing accessory movements are also a focus (box squats, bands for lifts, sleds, chains, etc.) The goal is to develop strength and improve movement.
WHO: Prior barbell experience necessary: squat, bench, deadlift; no strength requirements necessary.


WHAT: A team-style workout with movements based on functional lifting and strongman concepts, Life Lifting is a fun, all-levels class that focuses on new skill development and strength training. Movements include farmers’ carry, stones, fatbar training, tires, sled work, yoke walks, deadlift variations, sprints, and new barbell movements. Most movements are very quick to learn and all have infinite scaling ability so strength and experience are not an issue. These new movements will have a direct transfer into your CrossFit training and overall strength & conditioning.
WHO: All levels welcome! No prior experience necessary.

WHAT: The Simulated Long Run (SLR) is designed to challenge your endurance and mental capacity in a supported class environment. We incorporate running with body weight movements and barbell specific movements to simulate the same body breakdown that occurs during a typical “long run.” Longer than your typical weekday WODs, SLR is meant to push you through the mental barriers that often hold us back in endurance events. All workouts will be scaled to the athlete’s level of experience.
WHO: Must have CrossFit experience, barbell experience or have completed an On-Ramp.

WHAT: CFD brings you a high intensity interval training class: a form of interval training that is focused on improving your speed, agility, coordination and stamina, while incorporating strength and power movements through short periods of 100% all-out effort sprints, followed by less intense recovery periods. This is a barbell-free class; however, speed ladders, mini hurdles, speed harnesses, dumbbells and kettlebells, rowers, etc., are major components to training in this class, in a addition to bodyweight plyometric movements.
WHO: All levels welcome! No prior experience necessary.

WHAT: The kettlebell is a cast iron weight (shaped like a cannonball with a handle) used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. By nature, typical kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs, and shoulders, as well as increase grip strength. Basic movements, such as the swing, snatch, and the clean and jerk, engage the entire body at once, and in a way that mimics real-world functional movements.
WHO: All levels welcome! No prior experience necessary.

WHAT: This class is an endurance-specific training option based on the foundation of our regular workouts. The Endurance program provides athletes with the coaching and training they need to excel in their running, triathlon, rowing or adventure racing events. Mastering technique before intensity is priority. As a result, this minimizes injuries because volume is only applied to training when it meets the athlete’s needs and capabilities. This class focuses on improving running technique through sprint, endurance & agility work. All workouts will be scaled to athlete’s level of experience. This class runs outdoors (June – October); weather dependent.
WHO: All levels welcome! No prior experience necessary.


WHAT: This class is about stretching with intention in order to optimize your athletic performance. Prevent injury, recovery better and improve performance by addressing flexibility, stretching, stability and proper positions and movement mechanics that support your workout. Foam rolling, trigger point release, and stretch band work are all included.
WHO: All levels welcome! No prior experience necessary.

WHAT: The benefits from Yoga are very similar to CrossFit: improved stability, better alignment, increased mobility, balance and body awareness. Through Yoga, athletes can grow stronger physically and mentally, ultimately leading to enhanced performance, quick recovery and safer movement.
WHO: All levels welcome! No experience necessary. Please bring a mat if you have one.