“LiftMas” – In House Weightlifting Meet

Join us on Saturday, December 2nd at CFD Lincoln Square for

CrossFit Defined’s Fourth Annual In-House Weightlifting Meet

What is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting—or Olympic lifting—is an explosive, strength sport that includes the Clean, Jerk and Snatch movements. In a competition setting, each athlete is allowed three attempts to lift a maximum weight at each.

Who can register?

All CrossFit Defined athletes are encouraged to register!

When and Where?

Saturday, December 2nd at CFD Lincoln Square (2750 W. Lawrence Ave), 10am – 3pm


We host annual In-House events to share athlete progress, generate excitement about the sport, and encourage community engagement. Participation is open to all ages and abilities—and this is a perfect opportunity for novice lifters to develop technique, gain experience, and try something new. For the more experienced lifter, this is an opportunity to perform in a competition-style setting and achieve new PRs.  Register here. 

What happens?

Each athlete takes three attempts in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk to achieve their best cumulative score for the day. A dedicated warm-up area is provided, as all lifters are encouraged to arrive early to prepare accordingly. Judges evaluate each attempt with specific movement criteria in mind to determine the success of the lift.  Register here. 

Not competing? Attend to support!  

Attending a Weightlifting competition as a spectator is an exciting and motivating experience. This sport is highly technical, and physically demanding—which means anything can happen once an athlete takes the stage. Your support and encouraging energy can only enhance an athlete’s experience.

Additionally, CFD takes pride in making this a fun, social event where all members of our community are invited to mingle, catch up with friends, and indulge in a few sweet treats. Enjoy mimosas and donuts, while checking out our new apparel and other related products from local vendors.

For any additional inquiries, please email Noal at noal@crossfitdefined.com!

Register here.