Camargo Weightlifting Seminar

What: Oly Concepts Weightlifting Seminar taught by Danny Camargo.

When: Sunday, January 21st from 9a to 4p.

Where: CrossFit Defined Lakeview – 3834 N. Broadway St. Chicago, IL 60613

What to expect: A full day of lifting, breaking down movements and using drills to drive home new concepts. Participants are filmed and the video is used to analyze their technique. Students learn Camargo’s simple progression and simple way to learn & teach the lifts. Students will train using the new information learned through drills to help fix their technique. Time is spent on individual attention along with several video comparisons which are shared with the class.

How to sign up: For those interested in attending, please register here.  If you would like to learn more you can view Coach Camargo’s website here.  And to track down his social media you can visit his Oly Concepts team Instagram page here. For further questions please contact Coach Danny Camargo at Oly Concepts (


Coach Camargo Bio:

Daniel Camargo, U.S. International Coach (USAW)
USA Weightlifting Coaching Certification Instructor
Author, “Olympic Weightlifting: Cues & Corrections”
Founder, Camargo Oly Concepts

Daniel Camargo, author of the book “Olympic Weightlifting: Cues & Corrections”, is a 26-year veteran of Olympic Weightlifting. He learned the Snatch and Clean+Jerk at age 12 and has never left the sport. As an athlete Camargo represented the United States of America in nine international competitions and set three American Records (Junior). At 21 years old, which was his final competitive year, and weighing 83 kg (182.6 lbs.), Camargo lifted a 152.5 kg (334 lbs.) Snatch and 180 kg (396 lbs.) in the Clean & Jerk; a Jr. American Record. Having been trained by some of the very best U.S. Coaches, Camargo is now, himself, a highly-regarded and sought-after coach.

Camargo began his coaching career within a year after retiring from competing. As a head coach, he has produced several State, Collegiate and National Champions. Having successfully passed all requisite levels of coaching certifications, and meeting the requirement of athlete production as stipulated in the guidelines of USA Weightlifting, Camargo is currently a U.S. Senior International Level Coach.

Camargo has been given several assignments by USA Weightlifting as a coach for Team USA- one of which was the job of Head Coach for the 2015 World Championships, which also served as the Olympic Qualifier. Owed not only to his experience and education but also his personality and style of coaching, Camargo is one of the well-known coaches in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. He is also the owner of Oly Concepts out of the Orlando, FL area. Camargo travels frequently, conducting Seminars as an extension of his philosophies, which can be found on his website

Camargo’s passion for Olympic Weightlifting can be witnessed in every facet of his career: as a USA Weightlifting Coaching Certification Instructor, at his seminars, as a business owner, at competitions, and throughout his daily programming of his athletes. The breadth and depth of his knowledge of the sport is only eclipsed by his enthusiasm for it.

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