Beach WOD #2 – Saturday, June 24th

All CFD athletes and friends.  Everyone is welcome.  You are highly encouraged to bring a non-CFD athlete to join in on the fun. Free for all non members!  Coach Cara, Kevin, Alberto and a bunch of more will be leading the beach group through some team games, sprints, bear crawls and who knows what else.  We will get in the water but we will not be full out swimming.

workingOUT Vogue Dance Party – Friday, June 2nd

Calling all movers & shakers who like to stay up late just to get down—all for a good cause, too!

On Friday night, June 2nd at 8pm (located at CrossFit Defined), The Seldoms dance company and TEXTUREDance studios combine forces to host the first annual kick-off /dance-off party for WorkingOUT. Join us for a 1-hour, all-levels vogue class with dance artist, Damon Green! Dance, watch or slay, you’re sure to have a good time—and all proceeds go to Lambda Legal and The Seldoms (NFP)!

WHO: All are welcome—CFD athletes, friends, family, and neighbors!
WHAT: Vogue dance class and WorkingOUT kick-off party; $20 suggested donation
WHEN: Friday, June 2nd, meet at 7:30pm – class at 8pm!
WHERE: CrossFit Defined Lakeview (3834 N. Broadway Ave. Chicago, IL 60613)
HOW: RSVP to Sarah at to hold your spot!

vogue 1


vogue 2


Programming details; Cycle #4: 4/24 – 5/21, 2017

Cycle 4 Programming details: April 24th – May 21st

The primary focuses on this cycle will be as follows:

  • Back Squat: heavy 3 with pace:
  • Pull-up strength
  • Pushpress positioning and strength
  • Power Clean + Front Squat
  • Starting of our “Murph” bodyweight training

The secondary focuses will include:

  • more single leg and single arm movements,
  • front rack mobility,
  • hip and shoulder injury prevention, and
  • running

With our Murph event coming up on Saturday, July 1st; we have just about 10 weeks of training to prepare ourselves for the high volume pushing, pulling and running!

We are also just out of  the “CrossFit Open” training and will be transitioning from our barbell and endurance conditioning to more of a strength building approach. As we get closer to running season, you will also see at least 1 day a week of running in regular programming.

The addition of the“Bonus Grind work” will be available to any athlete looking to do more work after class.  The Grind work will always compliment that week’s workload and should be done after you have completely recovered from class. Weeks 1 and 2 and weeks 3 and 4 will be similar.




Defined Endurance Update

Programming is focused towards preparing athletes for a long fall endurance event, such as the Chicago Marathon. Every training session will contain scaled options for athletes with goals other than the marathon. Generally speaking, the weekly WODs prescribe one short interval day, one long interval day and a long distance conditioning day. They are to be performed in conjunction with at least 3-5 Crossfit workouts per week.

Laura & Allyn are #1 & #4 in the state!!!

Congrats to Coaches Laura and Allyn for placing in the top 5 fittest teachers in Illinois during the CrossFit Games! Placing 1st and 4th respectively! No wonder their kids are so well behaved! We would be too with those guns!

Take a look at the photos and the rest of the post on Instagram or Facebook.

teacher hero

Starting Strength Meet – April 1st @ CFD LS

Starting Strength Coaches across the US will hold a combined strength meet on the same weekend in April. Chicago is again a part of it. Not only will you get to compete against the lifters that attend your local meet, but your results will be compared with the competitors from all the other locations.

This is a strength meet where the contested lifts will be the squat, press, and deadlift, which differs from a powerlifting meet. There is no bench press. Instead, you will perform the standing press. Deadlifts must to be done conventionally, with the feet inside of the hands. You do not weigh in prior to the meet. Instead, you weigh out after your final deadlift attempt. A full set of rules can be found here: