Programming Details; Cycle #10: 12/4 – 12/31, 2017

Cycle #10 Programming Details: December 4th to December 31st.

The primary barbell focus on this cycle will be as follows:

  • Sumo or Conventional Deadlift Wendler Cycle
  • Back Squat or Overhead Squat with pausing
  • Barbell cycling focusing on the Hang Power Snatch
  • Jerk Technique work

The secondary focuses will include:

  • Skill blocks with focus on HSPUs, Double Unders and the Kip Swing,
  • Glute and hip activations: including hip rotators, glute mead and min.,
  • Longer strength based wods.

The Wendler Deadlift is a highly effective and efficient 4 week program to safely introduce a solid amount of volume without having to spend much time in the higher percentages. The Wendler percentages are based from 90% of your 1rm which prevents the athlete from overdoing it in those higher percentages helping the athlete produce more quality reps in those larger “plus” sets every week. Additionally, the Wendler formula is a great tool to use to calculate your future 1rm based on the number of reps you hit each week.

Pause squats will help improve awareness, control and tension. It will also increase the amount of muscle fibers needed to get out of the bottom position; which is a common weak point of the movement.

As we get closer to the next year’s CrossFit open, we will be focusing on how to be more efficient with the barbell.  The barbell Snatch cycling will give you a few road marks to focus on with higher volume barbell wods.

You will also see more skill blocks on this cycle.  These skill blocks will give you more exposure to higher level movements like the handstand pushup, double unders and kip swing. Practice makes perfect!


A note about the Bonus/Grind work: We will be eliminating the bonus/grind for the month of December since there were not many athletes taking advantage of it.  If you want it back in the New Year, please private message




Defined Endurance Update

Programming is focused towards preparing athletes for a long fall endurance event, such as the Chicago Marathon. Every training session will contain scaled options for athletes with goals other than the marathon. Generally speaking, the weekly WODs prescribe one short interval day, one long interval day and a long distance conditioning day. They are to be performed in conjunction with at least 3-5 Crossfit workouts per week.

CFD Lakeview is moving this Sunday!

On June 19th we will be closing the doors at CFD Lakeview (1235B W. Belmont Ave) and will be loading the trucks and heading over to our new and improved location located at 3834 N. Broadway Ave. Classes will resume on Tuesday, June 21st at 5:00p!

CFD competes in AAPF Powerlifting Meet 12.14.14

Lets just give a numbers recap on this weekend which will sum up how we did.  

In a Powerlifting competition each athlete competes in his or her own age and weight division while trying to get their best lifting total in the Squat, Bench & Deadlift.  Our lightest lifter was about 100lbs and our heaviest was about 220lbs.  Also to note, we have the largest lifting team in the Midwest along with the most ladies.

  • 20 CrossFit Defined Lifters including 14 rookies.
  • 54 PR’s from the guys / 47 from the ladies = 101 total PR’s
  • 16 State Records broken
  • 4 National Records broken
  • 6 Athletes placed 1st 
  • 6 Athletes Placed 2nd
  • 5 Athletes Placed 3rd 
  • Other things to note from our team:

Don Michael Tinimbang is the #1 lifter in the NATION for the 75kg Sub-master division.

Meghan Kennihan is the #1 lifter in the state for the 48kg Open and Sub-master division.

Cora Miller is the #1 lifter in the state for the Bench and Deadlift for the 75kg Open division.

Coach David Sutor is the #1 lifter in the state for the 82.5kg Sub-master division.

To sum it all up team, WE LIFTED ALL THE WEIGHTS!!  The next Powerlifting meet for the team will happen in April; if you are interested in competing contact Coach David & Coach Kevin. 





In House Olympic Lifting Meet – December 6th, 2014

This Saturday we will be hosting our 1st Olypmic Lifting Meet at CFD Lincoln Square from 12p to 4p.  Come over to watch 30 of your fellow CFD members test their abilities with the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.  As a bonus for the spectators we will have a $10 Bottomless Mimosa Bar.

The goal of the meet is to expose a new sport to the lifters, the spectators and our gym.  There are subtle differences in position and execution with the Olympic Lifts (Clean & Jerk and Snatch)  in the CrossFit world vs. the Olympic Lifting world.  Some of the lifters (Coach Laura, Coach Jenny and Byron) have a lot of experience and there are other lifters (Nate, Mike & Trinity) that are just testing the waters and going through the early stages of the learning process and a different style of programming.  Either way this meet will provide a stage to test the athletes in a comfortable, familiar, low pressure environment.

Join us at  CFD Lincoln Square this Saturday from 12p – 4p and support your friends.  They are incredibly nervous and would benefit from your energy and support.  Drinking a few mimosas while watching some lifters in spandex is not a bad way to spend a couple hours on Saturday as well.

Feel free to contact us If you are interested in developing your Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting (Squat, Bench & Deadlift) and/or CrossFit performance!   We will then put you in contact with the appropriate Coach and go from there.

See you Saturday team!

Training Files for the Competitors: 
Format and FAQ
Lifting Schedule
In House Meet Lifting Roster

Meet And Mimosas 1

Meet and Mimosas 2

Facebook Photos & Meat Share Pick UP – 11.10.14

1) Steve The Meat Man stopped by this weekend to drop off everyones meat share order. If you failed to pick up your order on Saturday please stop by as soon as you can to pick up.

2) We do have some extra product available, contact Coach Laura ( to see what is still open for purchase.

3) There are a million photos from the Fight 2 Give Fundraiser ($19K+ donated), please take a look and tag yourself, tag your friends and make one of them your profile pic. (LS Link / LV Link)