Programming details; Cycle #7: 8/14 – 9/10, 2017

Cycle 7 Programming details: August 18th to September 10th.

The primary lifts on this cycle will be as follows:

  • Front Squat + Jerk complex
  • 3 Position Clean
  • Single Leg Squat variations
  • Snatch + Overhead Squat combo

The secondary focuses will include:

  • Barbell cycling with the Clean and Snatch,
  • Higher rep range presses with all shoulder to overhead movements,
  • Goals of increasing range of motion in shoulder flexion and extension through dynamic mobility drills,
  • Russian Rope climb technique and supportive strength drills,
  • Increase in single arm KB and DB movements to improve cross-body coordination and single arm stability,

There is more of a focus on Weightlifting variations in this cycle.  Through the touch and go 3 position Clean, Snatch/OHS complexes and choosing WODs with higher rep range weightlifting movements; you will see a secondary emphasis on barbell cycling.

The single leg squat variations will help improve balance, coordination, glute and hamstring strength as well improve your ability to stabilize in any double leg strength movement.

By increasing and improving healthy range of motion in our shoulders you will able to utilize more of your strength potential and at the same time injury proof a vulnerable joint that often times gets put into poor mechanical positions on a daily through many hours of sitting.

*The addition of the“Bonus Grind work” will be available to any athlete looking to do more work after class.  The Grind work will always compliment that week’s workload and should be done after you have completely recovered from class. Weeks 1 and 2 and weeks 3 and 4 will be similar if not repeats.




Kettlebell Kitchen & CFD

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Programming details; Cycle #6: 7/3 – 7/30, 2017

Cycle 6 Programming details: July 3rd to July 30th

The primary focuses on this cycle will be as follows:

  • Wendler Sumo Deadlift
  • Wendler Back Squat
  • Wendler Bench press
  • Hang Power/Hang Snatch + OHS tech work
  • Power focus

The secondary focuses will include:

  • Lunge work: Split Squats, Reverse Lunges, etc…
  • Glute/hip strength/activation,
  • Plank and core circuits,
  • Tri-pod to handstand technique

With our Murph training and hero wod event over with we will be transitioning to a power cycle. We will be spending 4 weeks on this cycle before our next testing phase starting the week of July 31st. This 2nd testing phase will last for 2 weeks.

The Wendler cycles allow us to focus on sub max reps to build overall strength and muscle endurance while not having to hit those very high percentages. Recently in the past 2 cycles we have started  introducing more dynamic mobility paired with strength work in order to improve functional range of motion. This will continue into these next few cycles.

*The addition of the“Bonus Grind work” will be available to any athlete looking to do more work after class.  The Grind work will always compliment that week’s workload and should be done after you have completely recovered from class. Weeks 1 and 2 and weeks 3 and 4 will be similar.




Murph Day – Saturday, July 1st

What: Murph Day 2017.

Why #1 of 3 – To celebrate Lincoln Square’s 5 Year Anniversary & our 1 year anniversary of the new Lakeview facility.

Why #2 of 3 – To host a potluck -tyle BBQ. Bring a dish to share (we will have MULTIPLE grills on site). Starting at 11:30am.

Why #3 of 3 – To do a tribute WOD done once a year to celebrate the heroic efforts of Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all the service men and women that support our country.

When: Saturday, July 1st; the 1st “Murph” heat will start at 7:45am. Every 45 minutes another group of 25 athletes will start. Registration is absolutely mandatory; do not show up late for your heat. Register here.

Beach WOD #2 – Saturday, June 24th

All CFD athletes and friends.  Everyone is welcome.  You are highly encouraged to bring a non-CFD athlete to join in on the fun. Free for all non members!  Coach Cara, Kevin, Alberto and a bunch of more will be leading the beach group through some team games, sprints, bear crawls and who knows what else.  We will get in the water but we will not be full out swimming.

workingOUT Vogue Dance Party – Friday, June 2nd

Calling all movers & shakers who like to stay up late just to get down—all for a good cause, too!

On Friday night, June 2nd at 8pm (located at CrossFit Defined), The Seldoms dance company and TEXTUREDance studios combine forces to host the first annual kick-off /dance-off party for WorkingOUT. Join us for a 1-hour, all-levels vogue class with dance artist, Damon Green! Dance, watch or slay, you’re sure to have a good time—and all proceeds go to Lambda Legal and The Seldoms (NFP)!

WHO: All are welcome—CFD athletes, friends, family, and neighbors!
WHAT: Vogue dance class and WorkingOUT kick-off party; $20 suggested donation
WHEN: Friday, June 2nd, meet at 7:30pm – class at 8pm!
WHERE: CrossFit Defined Lakeview (3834 N. Broadway Ave. Chicago, IL 60613)
HOW: RSVP to Sarah at to hold your spot!

vogue 1


vogue 2