Defined Endurance Update

Programming is focused towards preparing athletes for a long fall endurance event, such as the Chicago Marathon. Every training session will contain scaled options for athletes with goals other than the marathon. Generally speaking, the weekly WODs prescribe one short interval day, one long interval day and a long distance conditioning day. They are to be performed in conjunction with at least 3-5 Crossfit workouts per week.

Laura & Allyn are #1 & #4 in the state!!!

Congrats to Coaches Laura and Allyn for placing in the top 5 fittest teachers in Illinois during the CrossFit Games! Placing 1st and 4th respectively! No wonder their kids are so well behaved! We would be too with those guns!

Take a look at the photos and the rest of the post on Instagram or Facebook.

teacher hero

Starting Strength Meet – April 1st @ CFD LS

Starting Strength Coaches across the US will hold a combined strength meet on the same weekend in April. Chicago is again a part of it. Not only will you get to compete against the lifters that attend your local meet, but your results will be compared with the competitors from all the other locations.

This is a strength meet where the contested lifts will be the squat, press, and deadlift, which differs from a powerlifting meet. There is no bench press. Instead, you will perform the standing press. Deadlifts must to be done conventionally, with the feet inside of the hands. You do not weigh in prior to the meet. Instead, you weigh out after your final deadlift attempt. A full set of rules can be found here:

Nutrition Workshops this weekend.

Abs are built in the kitchen- It’s true! All the hard work and sweat in the gym will make you strong, but to take your fitness to the next level you must tackle your NUTRITION! Now’s the time.

Join us this weekend to take the leap!  You have two options.

Option #1 – WHOLE 30:  Saturday 12:30-2pm at Lincoln Square
• Change your relationship with food forever
• Learn what it really means to eat clean
• Kick bad habits and addictions
• Eliminate excess fat and inflammation
• Learn meal prep and planning
• Push the “reset” button on your health
DO IT.  Sign up HERE!

More Abs

Option #2 – MACRO Challenge:  Sunday 12:00-1:30pm at Lakeview
For any athlete that is looking to take their nutrition to the next level.
• Learn that food is fuel and changes athletic performance
• Determine Protein, Carbs and Fats that YOUR body needs
• Understand volume for optimum body composition, fat to muscle.
• Recover smarter
• Tackle meal prep and planning
DO IT.  Sign up HERE.

AbsPC. working against gravity

2017 Programming Details for the New Year. Cycle 1

New Year, New Cycle, New Approach!

For 2017 we are making a few changes regarding CFD’s main strength and conditioning weekly programming.

First, we are getting rid of the 2-track approach of performance and competition and will be transitioning to a top-down model.

The top-down approach will focus on the more difficult and skillful movements which will be offered as “Rx”.  There will be a clear progression of movements offered for all levels which will give our athletes more opportunity to work on the development of those progressions in order to grow, learn and succeed!

You will see more skill sessions in the New year.  These skill sessions will give the coaches a chance to teach progressions for each movement as well as allow more dedicated time in class to hone and perfect those high-level skills.

With the exception of the named, girl, hero and benchmark workouts; we will be eliminating “suggested Rx weights” and replacing them with percentages that are based on your recent and actual 1 rep maxes.  This will encourage our athletes to stop chasing those arbitrary “Rx” weights and start using barbell weights that are more personal to each athlete’s lifts and current abilities.

There will be an addition of “Bonus Grind work” which will be available to any athlete looking to do more work after class.  The Grind work will always compliment that week’s workload and should be done after you have completely recovered from class.

As always, throughout each 4 week cycle you will see secondary focuses on:

  • injury proofing shoulders and hips,
  • single leg and single arm work,
  • rotational and lateral movements,
  • core development and
  • mobility/flexibility education

Finally, with the CrossFit Open only 8 weeks away you will see programming lean away from building on absolute strength and start to transition to increasing barbell endurance and overall work capacity!

  • CrossFit Open 17.1 Starts: Feb. 23rd
  • CrossFit Games Dates: August 1-6, Madison, WI.
  • CrossFit Open Registration begins January 12th.  Click Here to register! 



Free Intro to CrossFit

Free “Intro to CrossFit Class” at CrossFit Defined

Maybe you have seen CrossFit on social media, heard about it from a friend at a dinner party, read about it somewhere or have a co-worker who swears by it.

If you have ever been curious about CrossFit, this class is for you!